Shrinking In Size is Growing in Popularity

Jan 13, 2017, 18:53 PM
If you have turned on a TV or logged on to a computer recently, you have surely witnessed the growing popularity of ‘coach’ or ‘micro’ homes. The micro home, which is exactly what the name suggests, is any free standing home that typically ranges between 400 to 1000 square feet. This concept has gained significant media attention, and has become the subject of countless blogs, magazine articles, Pinterest posts and even television series.

Tiny Home

Although this dramatic downsizing may not be appealing to everyone, tiny homes come with some very notable perks: Fewer living expenses, more affordable housing, environmental sustainability, and ease of maintenance.

To help with your potential transition to a tiny home, we have comprised a list of necessary steps to take before committing to the micro living lifestyle:

Research is key
As with any home, it is absolutely integral that you have all of the information on-hand before purchasing or building a micro home. Luckily, due to their increasing popularity, there are hundreds of credible sources online that provide tips and guides on micro living and remodelling that are just a quick Google search away. Learn from industry experts by looking up posts and articles written by micro home contractors. This research will also provide you with amazing style and renovation inspiration for your own tiny home!

Try before you buy
Micro living isn’t for everyone, so make sure it works for you before you commit. Travel websites and resorts are now promoting tiny homes as vacation rental options. If you like the idea of micro living but are aren’t sure if it’s right for you, these rentals can provide the perfect obligation-free exposure to this lifestyle – with the bonus feature of an exciting getaway!

Find the right contractor
Building your own home may seem like an exciting challenge, but without the expertise or the right tools to accomplish the job, it can quickly become very dangerous. Many people who build their own tiny homes don’t do so according to safety or construction standards and end up paying significantly more in the long run. Your home is an investment, so be sure to hire professional help.

Embrace simplicity and downsize
The most important part of the transition process is downsizing. At 400 square feet, you’ll have to focus on the essentials, so assess your needs and prioritize the absolute necessities. Gradually downsizing your belongings before committing to a tiny home will significantly help reduce anxiety and stress when it’s time to move in.

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