Apr 14, 2023, 20:02 PM

Guests of the Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show’s spring edition can meet interior designer Tamara Day, host of HGTV and Magnolia Network’s Bargain Mansions, who will share her expert advice on Home Updates for a Bargain.


Tamara is in her fourth season of restoring neglected Kansas City homes on Bargain Mansions. When Tamara is not in front of the camera, she is committed to her family, design business, and retail store, Growing Days, located in Kansas City. Her style, coined "Laid Back Luxe," is synonymous with blending glamour, comfort, and family into the spaces she designs – something she personally prioritizes.


Before she brings her signature “Laid Back Luxe” style to the Triangle, we asked her to share some of her best home improvement tips with us here: 


Q. What tool should every homeowner own?
A. A multi tool! Hands-down, most useful tool in the toolbox

Q. Are you a plant mama, or is your green thumb lacking?
A. I love gardening so much! Every year for Mother’s Day my family buys me another peony 
to plant in the garden. Late May is hands-down the prettiest time of year at my house.

Q. What are your best landscaping tips?
A. Pre-emergent is so so important! Not just so you don’t get weeds this year but long-term if you skip it one year 
the next year you’re doubling down on your work. I also believe in layering my plants. My peonies are stunning
in May and then they’re raggedy by June so I have my daylilies planted between my peonies to pop up and 
give color and then in late summer I have Gladiolus planted to pop up, so all summer long I have some fun

Q. Favorite room in your home? 
A. Oh, for sure it’s my kitchen! I love how much sunlight is pouring in and we just redid it with a bright blue high 
gloss enamel paint, beautiful brass hardware and marble countertops, but my favorite favorite thing in the whole
kitchen is my collection of dishware, and I can see almost all of them on my open shelves.

Q. Any furniture thrifting tips?
A. Thrifting furniture is one of my favorite things to do. You can find things that are one of a kind and make your 
space so unique! Never be afraid of buying something that’s a little beat up, especially if you can get a good 
deal on it. It’s always fun to reimagine how to use a piece. Don’t be afraid to negotiate- that is half the fun!

Q. What home trends are you loving?
A.  am loving the colored, plumbing trend! Pink toilets, avocado green sinks, and tubs. It’s awesome.

Q. What’s your favorite part about speaking at a home show?
A. I love speaking at home shows especially outside of Kansas City and seeing how many cool companies are 
out there. I’m always inspired at a home show! I can’t wait to walk around and see everybody's amazing 

Q. What projects are you currently working on?
A. I’m currently working on several projects, coast-to-coast! We are also working on a couple of restaurants that are super fun because it’s a space I haven’t ever worked in before.

Q. Tips for designing an office at home?
A. Make a game plan of what you really need out of your workspace. I like to be enclosed and not looking
out the window to stay super focused when I’m working at a desk but some of my team likes to look out the 
window and have the sun shining on them. So, figure out how you work best and what makes you the most 
successful and then lay everything out in a way that makes sense. To make things beautiful don’t be afraid 
to make it an extension of your home. Use a beautiful light fixture, fabulous wallpaper, a great rug, beautiful art. Cord control should be top of mind. Nobody wants cords hanging all over the place.

Don't miss Tamara at the 2023 Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show, taking place at the NC State Fairgrounds.

Tamara appears at the Fresh Ideas Stage on Friday at 2 p.m. and Saturday at Noon and 2 p.m.