La Chiquita Selva "The Little Jungle"

La Chiquita Selva "The Little Jungle"
Elyria OH
Booth: 3010

Company Description:

¡Hola todos! I’m Dania Alvarado, the proud owner and green thumb behind “La Chiquita Selva,” also known as The Little Jungle. I operate a local pop-up plant shop that travels all across Ohio. In the spring and summer, you can find me at a local market hosting a pop-up. During the fall and winter, visit our website at I am dedicated to spreading my love and knowledge of plants one at a time, all while making new plant friends along the way.

Everyone is welcome here, from beginners to expert gardeners because at La Chiquita Selva, I am passionate about educating and sharing all about my plants, such as their origins and the care they require. Join me in bringing a little green and life into your home. Be sure to check us out on all our social media accounts for more plant content! Along with additional information about my shop and where I’ll pop up next!

New Products

Explore an array of items ranging from indoor tropical houseplants, both common and rare, to an assortment of gardening accessories. These accessories include hand-curated soil, handcrafted artisan planters, propagation stands, and more!

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