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Apex Window Werks
7813 1st Pl
Oakwood Ohio
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Apex Window Werks is a company with over 17 years of experience in window and door glazing business with operations in Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin. We have completed numerous projects for both private and commercial residencies, leaving our customers fully satisfied with the quality of the work done. We know how glazed surfaces are important in our everyday life, so if you leave us your request by phone or email it we will respond immediately. Glass is very fragile material and it is dangerous, if it is broken, that is why our target is to work for your safety by offering cost effective solutions. Our technicians specialize in window repair and replacement, including storm windows and thermal pane window. We will easily take the fog out of your windows, repair leaking skylight, do wood window repair and restoration. Moreover, our professionals are well experienced in working with window sills, frames and sashes. Our company will also ease the work of sliding patio door and take care of your storefront glass replacement. Our team is equipped with newest tools, follow up with all modern technologies and will schedule the visit to your residency at convenient for you time.

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Glass replacement, rotten wood repair, mechanism repairs, re-caulking, rescreening screen doors and windows.

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