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Kurtz Bros

Company Description:

At Kurtz Bros., Inc., we take pride in our strong family tradition, history of growth, and innovative approach to problem-solving in the “green industry”. Since 1948, Kurtz Bros., Inc. has been a pioneer in caring for Ohio’s environment and natural resources. Using resource management and sustainability techniques, we produce the finest topsoil, mulch, and compost for beautiful yards and gardens. As an industry leader committed to customer satisfaction, our multi-faceted company will continue to provide unique products and solutions to the waste-to-resource and soil-related industries we serve.

Kurtz Bros., Inc. is the largest beneficial reuse company in the entire state of Ohio, offering quality materials to landscape professionals and homeowners. We own distribution centers throughout Northeast Ohio in Avon, Valley View, and Willowick. Additionally, we also own four other locations across Ohio. Specializing in waste-to-resource solutions, Kurtz Bros., Inc. employs a Certified Professional Soil Scientist, LEED Green Associates and ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute) certified instructors. Plus, we also provide expertise in water management as well.

Our company is proud to be on the forefront of green infrastructure, an approach to water management that protects, restores, or mimics the natural water cycle. Green infrastructure is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional piped drainage and water treatment systems that haul stormwater away from urban environments. Homeowners, contractors, engineers, municipalities, and even landscapers utilize Green infrastructure. By implementing Green infrastructure elements at your home, place of business, or on your next project; you can help keep our waterways clean for wildlife habitat, recreation, navigation, and consumption.

Today, Kurtz Bros., Inc. keeps service, manufacturing, and transportation groups, operative statewide. The landscape division offers products ranging from topsoil, mulches, and composts to paving stones, and everything in between. On the industrial side, construction fill, sand and recycled aggregates are top products. Our long-standing service of providing for Ohio’s landscaping needs, and protection of environmental interests remains our highest priority.

Today, Kurtz Bros., Inc. operates service, manufacturing, and transportation groups across the state of Ohio. We recycle over 350,000 yards of construction and demolition debris annually. We remain proud of our experience in land redevelopment and landfill management. Meanwhile, our highest priority is still our long-standing dedication to providing for Ohio’s landscaping needs and protecting environmental interests. Visit our stores or contact us to learn more about Kurtz Bros., Inc.

A family of innovation since 1948

Kurtz Bros Central Ohio: KBCOH has dedicated over 20 years of service to Central Ohio’s landscaping needs and caring for Ohio’s environment and natural resources. Using specialized techniques in resource management, we produce the finest topsoil, mulch and compost, and offer beautiful plants to make attractive yards and gardens for Central Ohio landscapers and homeowners. Locations in Dublin, Westerville, Columbus and Alexandria.

KB Bio Energy: KBB is a Residual Waste Management Firm committed to handling organic waste, primarily wastewater solids. Those solids are transformed in to biogas which is used to fuel an engine and electricity is produced. The solids remaining are then processed into a pellet-like soil conditioner which can be used in a multitude of agronomic applications. KBB is located in Akron, OH.

MKB: Formally MAZCON, MKB Company is a leading provider of products and services in the environmental control market. Their products are used in perimeter control, sediment management, erosion control and pollution control markets. As an industry leader committed to excellence in customer satisfaction, they continue to manufacture innovative products and solutions that allow contractors and distributors to serve customers looking for better environmental outcomes. Their motto is; “better, faster, cheaper, friendlier”. Laser Logistics is the transportation and trucking arm of MKB.

E&S Services, LLC: An Ohio based spin off of Kurtz Bros, founded in 2014 E&S Services is focused on helping businesses navigate and remain in compliance with the complex and evolving regulations associated with Stormwater Management. As an installer, and technical advisor their innovative product offerings such as compost filter sock and concrete washout containers allow E&S Services to provide best in class erosion control and stormwater management solutions to their clients.

ENVI Environmental: Based in Elyria & Independence, ENVI provide environmental consulting services to private sector and municipalities. ENVI helps manage all aspects of environmental compliance, various regulatory and safety compliance for many of the Kurtz companies.

KBFoundry Services: Founded as a division to extend the company’s expertise in the waste-to-resource market into the foundry industry. Our in-house foundry experts have developed a patent pending process to improve quality and reduce cost for those foundries utilizing green sand. Our team works with the foundry industry to recycle their byproducts through both conventional and innovative patented technologies.

Earth ‘n Wood: Acquired in 2019, EnW was a family owned business for 35 years in the Akron/Canton area. Producing similar offerings to Kurtz Bros, they provide topsoils, mulches and composts to quality products and services to primarily to the retail market. Locations in Hudson, North Canton, Akron & Norton.

Cooper – Kurtz Disposal: A joint partnership formed in 2019, Kurtz partnered with container leader Cooper Disposal to operate our container business. As a full‐ service waste hauling company, providing waste removal containers and dumpsters for construction companies, roofing contractors, industrial and manufacturing companies, and residential D.I.Y. homeowners and organizations needing the hauling of asbestos material.

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