WM Homestead LLC

WM Homestead LLC
11419 Robson Road
Grafton OH
Booth: 1440; 1442

Company Description:

We build custom made Hobby and Board Game Tables. Puzzle at your own pace by covering up our recessed activity area with dining tops that transform the table into a beautiful, modern dining room table. An accessory channel around the perimeter of the table lets you place cup holder, wine glass holder, and 12x12inch trays so that your dining/activity surface isn't cluttered up with cups and plates. Add-ons include app controlled LED lights, 2 USB-C ports for convenient charging, and drawers for extra organization.

Debuting at this show is our Children's Activity Table made of solid maple and stained to your choice. It is the perfect size for Legos, games, crafts, and more! A removeable neoprene surface gives comfort for some activities but can be removed for messier ones. Two drawers in front offer organization.

Show Specials:

15% off your entire order (on our website or in person!) visit our booth for a handout with the coupon code! Free shipping for all Ohio residents with coupon code FREEOHIO.

New Products

Custom Designed Hobby Table and Children's Activity Table.

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